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HVAC Checklist – Annual

December 18, 2009 0 Comment

Many modern HVAC systems are complex and require the skills of a trained professional. If your on-site maintenance staff is not fully familiar with HVAC systems, hire a professional before you are faced with a system failure or water management crisis.

We have included some steps you can take to to increase the life of your equipment and decrease the need for a trained professional; please read more to learn how:

  • All air coils should be inspected annually, at minimum, to confirm that equipment is operating at maximum capacity.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to obtain access to the air coils.
  • Coils should be cleaned of dust and debris by careful brushing or vacuuming, to avoid damaging the coil fins.
  • Keep outdoor condensing units clean from grass clippings and other debris.
  • Condenser units must remain level in order for water to drain properly.