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Top Residential Questions Asked

What temperature do I set for Heating and Cooling?

For the best household energy and savings practices, set your thermostat according to government-recommended settings of 68° for heating and 78° for cooling.

How often should I change my filter?

If you have a disposable filter, we recommend that you write the date on your filter when it is changed. Then, check it monthly to track dirt accumulation. The filter needs to be changed if you are unable to see light coming through . By tracking your date on the filter, you will have an accurate idea of how often your filter needs to be changed. A clean filter operates more efficiently and cleanly.

Which way does the arrow go when I replace my filter?

The arrow always points toward the airflow (toward furnace). A helpful tip: each time you replace your filter, you mark the date on it to help keep track of when it was changed.

How do you clean filters?

For non-disposable filters made of aluminum mesh or hog hair, clean with mild detergent and water. We also suggest spraying the filter with furniture polish to help eliminate dust buildup, work more efficiently, and smell great.