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A&J Service Strike Team

0 Comments July 17, 2010

Our 24-Hour Support Strike team is not only staffed with the best, but we are available when you need us the most – ANYTIME! The Team is composed of licensed HVAC Journeymen and Apprentices who actively work to obtain further training and certifications.          

We are Volunteers

0 Comments November 18, 2009

Our mission does not directly involve community service but it is one of our main goals and concerns. Most companies only care about what is going on inside their business; but we, as heart felt people, care about what is going on around us in our community. That is why we are so proud of […]

Millions of Smiles

0 Comments March 18, 2009

The A&J Mechanical Services team has millions of good reasons to be smiling this year. We have greatly expanded our team in the past year and continue growing every day. Three of our men just recently achieved their Journeyman’s License, raising our total to six, with two more getting ready to take the test! We […]