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Commercial Services

A&J Mechanical Services is the premiere commercial heating, ventilation and cooling contractor in the Lexington area. Our technicians are trained and experienced in all commercial HVAC systems.

A&J Mechanical Services offers service, replacement and new installation of all commercial HVAC equipment, including but not limited to chillers, gas and oil fired boilers, cooling towers, water source systems, roof top units, split systems, package units, pumps, and VAV boxes.

Our engineering staff can evaluate your equipment and operational sequences to ensure your systems are operating at peak efficiency. Many systems over time drift away from the original sequence of operation, or have been properly commissioning to ensure that the system operates well, not just the individual pieces of equipment.

What sets us apart?

One of the things that sets A&J Mechanical Services apart from the other commercial HVAC contractors in the Kentucky area is that our highly qualified professionals offer better customer service and prompt resolution to your heating and cooling needs. Our team responds quickly to your service call and makes the proper diagnosis and repairs as needed to get your businesses back up and running.

We also offer Preventative Service Agreements to help keep all of that equipment operating, and avoid or delay the high cost of equipment replacement. We can help your business become more energy efficient and spend less on utility bills. Whether you have a large industrial space, a medium-sized office building or a busy storefront, the more energy efficient your business is, the more money you can save. If you are a restaurant or store in need of refrigeration services, A&J Mechanical Services also offers commercial refrigeration service and installation.

A&J Mechanical Services can also make your business more productive by keeping y our commercial space cool in the summertime and warm in the wintertime. When your employees are comfortable, they are more pleasant, focused and efficient. The more comfortable your clients are when they are in your office, the happier they will be as well.

For more information about how A&J Mechanical Services can meet the HVAC needs of your Kentucky area business by calling our office at 859.293.1221